Friday, 8 June 2012

I'm almost living on a movie set!

What a short week it's been. Seems like hardly any time has passed since I was last writing this up, but, as usual, so much has happened in such a short space of time.

The week started oddly, partly because of the bank holiday and partly because I changed my diet, but only very slightly. Having had such a busy weekend last weekend, I realised on Monday that I hadn't got around to turning the calendar over to June - we have a calendar for longer-term planning to support the whiteboard - so I did, taking it off the wall and quickly looking at what birthdays, etc there are this month. The drawing pin had came out of the wall as I took the calendar down and as I picked it up I noticed that the "pin" bit was twisted, so I tried to straighten it. I didn't do much of a job and only succeeded in flattening it down even more. Not to worry, there are more in the low cupboard beneath the whiteboard.

Should have worried really. If I had, I might not have held the broken pin in my mouth as I bent down. Had I worried, I might not have sucked in a breath as I was standing back up and the pin might not have shot down my throat.

Then I worried. I went through to Siggy's office (he was working as usual even though he shouldn't have been as it was a bank holiday and he was meant to be off). "I've done something really stupid, " I said.

I really should be concerned that Siggy's reaction to this was, frankly, hardly a reaction at all. "Oh, yeah," he replied, not even looking away from the computer screen.

"No," I said, " I mean REALLY stupid". Perhaps I should also be worried that I so easily accepted his lack of reaction as an indication that, yes, I do do stupid things quite often. It did at least get a reaction, of sorts. Siggy turned away from screen, looked me up and down and said and just raised an eyebrow.

"I've swallowed a drawing pin!" I blurted out , beginning to rub my throat with one hand and my stomach with the other.

"A whole drawing pin?" Siggy asked. What the kind of question is that? I mean, it's hardly as I was going to eat it in small portions, nibbling away until I suddenly found I'd eaten a whole one and then felt guilty like you do when you've reached the last square on one of those big bars of Galaxy. No, wait a minute, I don't ever feel guilty when I do that. More like the surprise you have when you realise the whole bottle of wine has, actually don't do that anyway. Some of you might, so hopefully you get the idea.

SIggy did look concerned and offered to run me to A&E and get it x-rayed and questioned whether I might need a stomach pump. I could feel myself beginning to blanche at the thought. Then beginning to heave. "Oh, yes, that might help, bring it back up then it might do some damage on the way back up as well" Siggy said.

I realised that made sense and tried to to settle down a gain. Then Siggy suggested they might have some magnets at the hospital and they could safely guide it back up that way. It had taken me a while, but I then realised he had been grinning from ear to ear throughout. I flounced, in my best possible flounce, out of the room. What do you have to do to get some sympathy around?

As I left, I could hear him shout after me "it's lucky we're not flying to go on holiday this year, you'd never get throughs ecurity with a whole drawing pin in you" Git.

Anyway, I have been watching for any developments all week and thus far feel no ill-effects, but equally haven't seen any reappearance yet. I feel a bit like the doctor on You Are What You Eat, but you don't need to know about that.

Tuesday saw us having a lazy day and watching the highlights of the Jubilee concert on TV. In summary, Madness were brilliant, Elton John was awful and Prince Charles made a very nice speech. 

Tuesday night though, seen us make an excellent, if somewhat selfish decision for once. The twins were off to the cinema with the Explorers and as we realised that we were going to have to go home and come back up 2 hours later, Siggy noticed that "The Angels Share" was on at almost identical times, so we told the twins they were babysitiing Scott by taking him into Men In Black 3 (PG) with them whilst we would go to The Angels Share, which is a 15.  I made the necessary arrangements, getting two-for-one offers from Morrisons on bags of Revels and Minstrels so the boys wouldn't be asking for the hugely over-priced pick and mix and, of course, picking up two handbag sized bottles of rose wine. Some cinemas have the foresight and eye for profit to treat you like adults and serve wine from a wee cart at the start, as we found out some time ago and it does add to the experience. As this cinema doesn't though, you have to plan ahead and it's their own fault that they're losing potential profits. Juts for info., though, anything over about an hour and a half is probably more of a three-glass job, but it probably clinks a bit much.

The Angels Share is, however, absolutely laugh out loud fantastic. It is pure Glasgow humour and bits of it might not travel well, but I have not enjoyed a movie as much for ages and am seriously thinking of going back again (with three glass-sized bottles). Anyone who want to go and needs a partner, give me a shout. Most fantastic of all was the second from last scene which was filmed about 100 yards from our house, so I now feel like I'm living in film set. Even the fact that the "driving into the distance" shot is actually heading into a dead end didn't matter to me, although Mr. "I even criticise adverts for continuity" Siggy had to comment on it.

Honestly. It's hilarious, go see it.

That apart, the Twins are now in senior school, so got new ties which the school dedicated a morning to teaching them how to tie, Donald also gets a new tie as the school suddenly cottoned to having a middle school tie as another fundraiser and Scott now very much views himself as a big P7. The P7's are still at school, but as the football season is over, he now regards himself as a P7 because he will be next time he plays.

They grow up so fast, why don't they move away quicker?

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